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Bathroom Painter

If a family or shop owner only wants to have a bathroom painted, then it might seem like the perfect project for doing it yourself. The only problem is that there are many tight angles in a bathroom, and painting around them can be a challenge. There are also a lot of slick surfaces that can be both an obstacle and a target for stray drops of paint. Getting it done right requires planning and expert attention to detail.

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A professional bathroom painter such as those available from Painter Pros can get the job done with an appreciation for the unique requirements of a bathroom. They know that sinks and tile and mirrors are no place for paint splatter and are careful to leave caulking open to breathe.

Professional Bathroom Painters

A professional painter likely studied the details of how a bathroom is put together and knows where all the critical points tend to be. Certain surfaces bind to paint easier to others, and a paint job has to be resilient to saturated moisture. There are also special points such as the fact that certain types of wood are better with stain than with paint, and calked surfaces do not need to be painted over.

They say that the devil is in the details, and this is very true of bathrooms. With several appliances that depend on piped water, bathrooms are best designed and maintained by plumbers, and professional painters should be able to appreciate the challenges faced by plumbers. The paint job should leave ceramic cracks such as calked surfaces visible for future workers.

Years of experience from a professional bathroom painter or house painter also provides insight into what works in the long run. Bathrooms are places where moisture saturates and gets under the paint and into the drywall. There is the real potential for flaking, bacterial growth, and drywall damage. The paint used should be completely nontoxic and yet not able to support any form of growth.

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Durable paint such as polymer should be able to withstand daily hot showers without being damaged by the repeated exposure to heat and water. It should go a long time without flaking, should be able to protect the underlying drywall, and should not be harmful to humans whenever the paint job does become an issue a decade or more into the future.

All safety aside, there are also considerations such as personal taste. The homeowner tends to ignore the floor, but a visitor will quickly notice any contrast between the paint and the floor tile and any other bathroom colors. As an example, a white bathtub and sink counter match each other, and a light color such as blue or a very faint yellow might match the white.

Bathrooms tend to be very well lit. If there are plenty of bulbs above the mirror, then it might be possible to get away with dark wall paint. On the flip side, light paint helps to rebound light into all corners. If the shower is far from the light source, then playing with mirrors and bright paint can help to provide the needed illumination.

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