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Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of a house is different than an indoor job. It has to be able to withstand the elements and tends to have a stronger effect on property value because it changes the appearance of a house. It can be dangerous to paint on a ladder. This and the slower pace of painting a paneled surface create the need for specialized paint equipment.

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The solution is to hire professionals who have both the knowledge and the gear to get the job done effectively. There are more options than a paintbrush, and this is especially true for tough jobs on irregular surfaces. A commercial painter knows how to prepare a surface for painting and selecting paint that will last for many years.

Pick the professional company that will get it done better and faster. There are more than a few painting services in town, but experienced workers like Painter Pros has the equipment and the know-how to just do a better job. A less experienced team using more archaic methods might cost you a lot of money in labor.

Put Your Trust in Durable Exterior Paint

The age-old problem with exterior paints is that they tend to not last that long. In the past, paint was made with organic binders that tended to break down after a few years. Exposure to seasonal changes in temperature and moisture can wreak havoc on a water-based paint. In the past, paint jobs were frequent. Today, they can be once a few decades because of the toughness of polymer paints.

The truth is that most houses end up installing plastic siding as a fast solution to never having to paint. This can be a practical solution for some people, except siding can damage and sometimes a new owner wants to change the color of the house. If the siding is in good shape, it is even possible to clean and paint plastic siding with polymer paints that bind strongly to almost any surface.

There is a real difference between exterior paint and lower grades of paint. Long gone are the old-time paints that basically are chalk pigment with a natural binder. Modern paints are made using polymers and solvents that dry to form a tough barrier that seldom cracks and can withstand temperature extremes.

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Not only does modern paint last a long time and does not biodegrade, but it can hold any color because the paint material and the pigment powder are usually separate materials and do not chemically react with each other. This creates the option of rapidly applying paint that lasts for decades and can be as bright as a flower.

Without question, there are huge advantages to hiring experience, and that is what you get with Painters Plano TX. They can give you advice on whether or not certain paint is the right match for your house siding. If polymer paint is not a good match for a wood surface, these experts generally know the difference. the secret is to have a guarantee of a good job by people with a proven track record.

Expertly Assessed Cost To Paint a House

Painter Pros offer the best warranties on the market. Every customer gets a five-year warranty on materials and a two-year warranty on all labor. Give a call and schedule a meeting. A consultation will precede a big job to determine exact needs and costs.

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