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Thanks for stopping by the official website of Painter Pros Plano TX. We first opened roughly 20 years ago, serving a growing community in need of professional painting services. Since that time, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the area, and we enjoy helping out many different types of properties. From homeowners to businesses trying to upgrade a look, we believe nothing beats a great looking coat of paint.

painters Plano TX

Not only do we serve Plano, but the surrounding area as well. Our goal is to provide a unique customer experience for every single customer. Those who feel as though they are getting special attention when continue to come back for painting help down the road.

About us

What started as a small business in the area has grown gradually over the years to turn into a premier painting service. Not only do we provide many different types of painting options, but we have customized plans. This way, a person never feels like they are paying for too much. Whether a person wants an entire home done, or merely a shed outdoors, we have no problem handling all types of projects.

Every single staff member at Painter Pros has a wealth of experience in the industry. This is important to us, as we feel like versatility is what sets us apart. There are competitors out there that might specialize in one particular painting area, but we can do so many different things with a seasoned staff.

No matter what the project ends up being, we understand the importance of proper prep work. That means talking about the plan, preparing the surface, and more. Any company that doesn’t take the time to plan properly is doing a disservice to the customer.

Want to learn a bit more about all of our primary services? Below is a partial list of our most common requests from customers. Remember, after a free consultation, we can put together a customized plan to help some stay under budget.

Bathroom painter

Bathrooms are the trickiest areas to paint, especially given how small they are. Not only are there a lot of tight spots inside a bathroom, but the right material must be used for everything to last a long time. It is not a room for the lazy or uneducated, because the results will look horrible in a hurry.

painted bathroom nice tub

A lot of customers give us a bit of liberty when painting a bathroom. Since most bathrooms are isolated from the rest of the property, it doesn’t necessarily have to match the overall theme. Instead, it is more about making a bathroom look welcoming and clean. There’s nothing worse than a bathroom that looks even the slightest bit dirty.

Our goals with any bathroom project are pretty simple. We try to make the most out of any natural lighting in the bathroom, since it helps create a great atmosphere inside. Depending on the amount of natural light, a few color choices are available. Lighter colors as the main option look best, and the right paint will be pretty easy to clean.

Any bathroom that has a bathtub or shower in it will run the risk of significant paint aging if the right material isn’t used. The paint will start to crack in a hurry under even casual pressure. Proper ventilation setup helps a lot, but so does knowing exactly how to handle purchasing the right paint, and using the right application process.

Bathrooms do not always get the attention they deserve, but we make sure that they do not get overlooked. We put the same amount of time and effort into making every room and surface look perfect in the end. A bathroom can start looking pretty poor overall if it is neglected. Do not act like a bathroom can’t use a bit of care once in a while.

Exterior painting

The first time any person sees a property, it is from the exterior. The first impression instantly dictates how a person feels about the property. Nailing that first impression matters to a lot of people, and it can make a pretty significant difference when it comes time to sell as well. That is why we get a lot of requests for our exterior painting expertise in the area.

exterior painting house

Most customers have a pretty good idea on what they’re hoping to have as a final result. The color choice and overall design my only need to be tweaked a little during the initial consultation to make sure everything comes together nicely. If for some reason a person doesn’t have a concrete idea, we are more than willing to go through a few different looks and designs as well. Exterior painting comes down to personal preference a lot of times, but if painting to help with a sale, neutral colors make the most sense.

Plano goes through some pretty mild winters, but that harsh summer sun can put a paint job under a lot of pressure. It is extremely important to use the right type of paint, as well as other materials to help extend the life of work. At Painter Pros, we pride ourselves on everything lasting longer than work done by competitors. Our combination of experience, material, and tools are unbeatable.

To make an exterior stand out, sometimes it comes down to the little things. The trim, window shutters, railings, and more all make a difference. Having contrasting colors can break up the monotony of a property looking pretty basic. We even go as far as using landscaping to highlight specific areas. We want to leave every customer with an exterior that they can be proud of. Homeowners want the best curb appeal in the neighborhood, while every business owner would love to have more customers stop in simply by how they look.

We have no problem handling any size property with our staff of experience painters. Simply request a free consultation, and we will work out a specific plan and estimate on price, as well as time. It also occasionally comes down to the time of year. Certain times are busier than others, and if it is raining a lot, that sets things back as well.

House painter

Homeowners should always look at any type of painting as a quality investment. More often than not, it will more than pay for itself in the long run. Customers looking to sell right away might benefit most, but any type of improvements will increase the property value instantly.

At Painter Pros, we are one of the few companies to offer interior and exterior house painting in the Plano TX area. We understand that some people want to get everything done at once, while others love just having one company to rely on now and in the future. We’ve seen it all in our years of experience, so we can give recommendations as well as follow specific instructions.

paint rollers brushes swatches

The majority of homeowners do not have a more prized possession than the house they are paying us to paint. That is why we have no problem taking a lot of time with the initial consultation to make sure everything lines up perfectly. If a person is not 100% satisfied with the plan, they certainly are not going to feel that confident about the final result. We can give some minor suggestions, or we can help plan out the entire process if needed.

Another great option we provide is that we work equally well with new construction and homes that are a century or more old. It takes a little more time to prepare an order home, as the surface needs stripped of previous paint and sanded down to a consistent level. Once that is done, we can get things looking as good as new.

Every home should have a unique look and feel to it so that customers feel like they can call it their own. It is challenging to get just the right results, but it is worth it in the end. No project is too big or too small, so we encourage everyone to reach out to us for their house painting needs.

Interior painting

Most interior painting projects are a little easier to handle. There are no heat and sun issues like with exterior painting, and other than a few troubling areas, most rooms are dry and climate-controlled. Despite things being a little easier, only professionals like us at Painter Pros can get things looking extra sharp even under intense scrutiny.

painter painting living room on ladder

The interior of a building tends to be a pretty neutral color, since everything else goes off the walls. For a bolder look, people have no problem adding different pieces of furniture and art to the room to make things stand out.

In more isolated parts of a building, such as bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and more, a few more options out there exist. People have more liberty of going with a different color, because it doesn’t have to flow with open floor patterns necessarily.

Interior painting is under a little bit more scrutiny than the exterior, so excellent, detailed work is essential. We are always very focused on providing the best quality work for customers each and every time. Getting the small things right will help a room feel that much better overall.

Generally speaking, the more painting that gets done at once, the better the value when working with us at Painter Pros. However, we do understand that there are customers who only need a few specific areas painted at one time. We always encourage customers to reach out to us and try to figure out a fair price for any customized solutions.

All in all, a home, business, or office doesn’t feel complete until the walls have new paint. It can have an instant impact in how an entire area is perceived. It is a way for new owners to make everything feel a bit more like it is made for them, instead of someone else.

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“Working with Painter Pros was a breeze. They were very courteous with their planning, and gave me plenty of options to figure out when I wanted work done. I recommend them to anyone in the area.”
- Bethany S.
"Painting is a challenge that I failed at miserably on my own. Painter Pros helped fix my mistakes, and they still fit well under my budget. I will not make the same mistake again when it comes to trying to paint like a professional. Instead, I’ll leave it up to them”
- Jack H.
“I’ve received multiple compliments in regards to how my business looks in a very trendy area of town. I’ve actually referred to business owners to painter pros after they inquired about who helped me reinvent my shop.”
- Abigail R.
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